Mahtra Peasantry Museum

July 2024

Mahtra Peasantry Museum

The Mahtra Peasantry Museum forms the main part of the Juuru and Hageri Parish Museums Foundation. The Mahtra museum exhibits the life of the Estonian peasantry during the 19th century, as well as the so-called Mahtra War, peasants’ most renowned rebellion against the dominion of the Baltic German nobility, together with its background and events (see About the Mahtra War). The museum is situated at Muuseumi 1, small town of Juuru, Rapla County.

The Mahtra Peasantry Museum shows details of the life of Estonian peasants in the 19th century. „We must stand out for justice together as one – without being afraid and without succumbing,“ said Ants Tertsius in „Mahtra War“, a novel by Eduard Vilde, a famous Estonian writer. Today’s Mahtra Museum is not only the museum of Mahtra War but also the biggest museum of the county of Rapla. The permanent exhibition shows details of the life of Estonian peasants in the 19th century and gives an overview about the Mahtra War in 1858, the battlefield of which lies some 4.5km from the museum. The so-called ’Blood field’, the tragic scene of the final act of the Mahtra War is located near the battlefield. Museum organises trips there by pre-order. Guides speak Estonian, Russian or English.

The Atla-Eeru tavern house is also a part of the museum. The tavern is an ancient type peasant house or a barn house built in 1811, the only preserved peasant tavern in Estonia. It has now become a cosy place where different programmes for children and adults are taking place, as well as guided tours for visitors.

Come and see the picturesque places of the Juuru Commune, and discover the neighbourhood where the tough Estonian men fought against their oppressors.

To reach the museum, you should follow the Tallinn-Rapla-Viljandi highway. Turn towards Juuru on the Röa crossing and drive another 10km. (See the map)

The Museum and Atla-Eeru tavern house is open:
2 May – 30 September: Tuesday – Saturday 11–18
1 October – 30 April: Tuesday – Saturday 11–16

The Museum was opened in 1970. 
The Collection consists of 35,791 items (as in Jan 1, 2020)

Contact and information in English: JAANUS PLAAT, PhD in cultural anthropology/ethnology, excutive director of the Museum

Mahtra Peasantry Museum
Mahtra Peasantry Museum, Muuseumi 1, 79401 Juuru, Rapla county, (+372) 48 44 199,
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